Talk To Strangers / by Thea Gajic

After an extremely hard few days in Serbia for my Dads funeral, I found myself in a worse emotional state than I was in the day I heard the news. Realisation does something worse than shock I think, it stirs doubt and awakens the reality of loss.
Pleased to escape the forever disappointing Serbian authorities, I went ahead with my solo adventure and have now arrived in Toronto.

I don't think anybody can appreciate the value of travelling alone until you do it yourself. I definitely didn't; but in these 7 or so hours I've been here, I have already begun to overcome this smothering sadness that has been following me since August. 

The streets have greeted me with smiling strangers, welcoming glances and quirky shops. The air is different and the vibe is consistently chilled (they also sell Cheetos if you're after some banned childhood nostalgia)

So here I am, a stomach full of Thai food and satisfaction, telling myself (and you) not to ever give up, no matter what happens, something will give you hope again. Something will reignite that spark everyone loves you for. It could take months and it's a slow process but change your energy and your environment, something happens to your body. You thank yourself, you smile again.

Travel, talk to strangers and keep creating yourself.