the first / by Thea Gajic

Hi all,

So here we are, the first post on the first blog of the first site I've ever had!
I'm just here to share some of my work and thoughts with you, as well as those of my beautiful friends and contemporaries who are creating equally brilliant art.

- Watch a film, listen to some music or flick through some photography, whatever you decide to do on here, please wander around these pages at free will, with intrigue, curiosity and love.

I'm not sure which direction I'll take this blog yet, although it's bound to be flooded with film and other creative coolness.

+ make sure you stay in touch! Hit up the 'say hi' page. I'm here to collaborate and make new connections (or just have a good conversation with old and new friends) 

Sending you much light and love

Thea x