Ripples. / by Thea Gajic

something brief, as I have to leave soon.

As I sit here in my 'BMX Girl' casting requirement costume, I can't help but feel extremely positive about the future for women in film and entertainment.
I know it's a long road and there's still hundreds of boundaries to break but I feel we are forcing the world to challenge stereotypes and listen to our deafening talents.

- Viola Davis and Uzo Aduba have just won Emmy's for their performances as leading actresses in a drama series. They are the first black actresses to achieve this, to be given the opportunity to achieve it. As a woman and actress I am moved and motivated. Not only because of the brilliance in their speeches or the depth of devotion each took to their roles but also because of the women who wrote the stories. Stories about things other than our everlasting devotion to men and sex and childbearing. Stories that provoke thought, that question personalities, that challenge the status quo.

WOMEN HAVE STORIES. Their are truths in every character, there is half a population of peoples stories that haven't been told because of the fear that is deeply imbedded into our society. Of the unknown, of risks, of the power and beauty in people, in women, who have for too long been shunned because of masculinity and ego.

I will fight to collaborate with beautiful men and women who have wonderful, important stories to tell. Let us not feed this outdated system of gender types and inequality. Let's make art for everyone, let's challenge scripts, ideals and assumptions. Let's write film for ourselves, for others, let's not give up because the studios won't read them. Let's make them anyway.

So here's to women and men who believe in the beauty of each other and the ripples of change we can cause on our planet when we work together.